Fantastic Ideas To Make Money Writing a blog!

Published: 21st May 2012
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Start a blog

If you are going to blog you need a blog, correct? I suggest a WordPress blog, it is very simple to use and does not require that you need any technical knowledge. You will need to have a domain name and a web hosting. It's a minimal investment but it is all worth it in th end. I highly recommend Go Daddy for registering your domain name and Hostgator for your web host. These are popular organizations with really good services and excellent pricing.

The actual Subject of your blog

The first thing you need to come up with is the topic of you blog. Exactly what are you going to write about? I encourage something that you enjoy and have as a hobby. You'll be able to write with increased enthusiasm if your write about something you love doing. If you simply pick a topic that will bring in more money, the chance is great that you will get uninterested and stop blogging after a while. A few recommendations for topics are:
Dog training
How to lose weight

When you begin a blog with a money making idea, you have to fill peoples needs. You simply can't write about what you made for dinner or how your day went. You need to have your readers needs in mind when you write.

Generate targeted traffic To youR blog By Writing Articles

Now that you have a blog and a subject matter . When you have written various posts on your blog, you can begin writing additional articles related to your theme and post them to article directories.Usually you will need to place the website url of your website towards the end of your article to ensure that when people read your article at these article directories they will see the website link to your blog and most likely visit your blog!This is an efficient way of driving targeted visitors to your blog. Your blog will also be noticed by Google, and continuing this process you will certainly have your blog rank high in the Google Search results, making it simpler for targeted visitors to find your blog. Below is a list of a few good article directories that you can begin with:


Search engine optimization (SEO)

The best way to gain visitors to your blog is to be loved by Google. The best way to do this you will be required to apply SEO on your blog. I can't tell you everything about SEO in this article. It is too much to cover. All I can tell you is that by doing SEO on your blog, it will optimize your blog in such a manner that it will allow Google to favor your blog in that distinct topic.What Google does in this case is that it will rank your blog higher in the search results. Therefore when an individual does a search on Google for something in your subject material, the search results will possibly bring up your blog.

Back linking

Start off linking to other blogs and webites that you visit, try linking to more blogs that share the same content as your blog. Your subscribers prefer it when you provide great information. Other online marketers will recognize you and probably they'll link back In addition, you would also want to link within your blog, link to other posts and pages that are relevant to one another.

Blog Commenting

Start reading blogs that write about similar things as you do. When you have something beneficial to say, write a comment. You can add a link to your blog with the comment. That being said, when an individual visits that blog they will notice your comment and perhaps visit it your blog.

Ideas for making money with your blog!

1. AdSense
Adsense makes it possible for you to generate revenue from your blog by allowing Google to publish ads from Google advertisers.Therefore when someone clicks on that ad you get compensated.

2. Compose an e-book
A good suggestion for making money is to write an e-book. Write about something that your visitors will be interested in to read. If your blog is about weight loss, perhaps you can write an e-book about healthy snacks. Bear in mind to choose a corresponding subject for you e-book. If you write an e-book about farming and the blog is about weight loss your readers will be puzzled! When you've finished the e-book, you can promote it on your blog.

3. Become affiliate
Another great idea for making money is to become an affiliate marketer. An affiliate marketer markets other peoples products. Assuming your blog is about weight loss you can promote a weight loss product.Whenever a person buys it though your affiliate link, you get compensated.Clickbank has a popular affiliate program, be sure to take a peek.

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